CNC Machining

CNC Machining Services

Kramer Tool & Die has been dedicated to creating quality products in Southwestern Ontario since 1975. For over thirty years our company has strived to stay on top of industry trends to create better products for our clients.Over the years, machining has developed from intensive manual labour into a highly precise technological art form. Computerized Numerical Control Machining (CNC) has increased the speed and accuracy with which we are able to produce high quality items.

CNC Machining combines innovative PC software and highly accurate machines that transform raw materials into your desired finished product.

Traditional machining incorporates manual turning, drilling, milling, and cutting. Whereas CNC machining uses a machine tool that is controlled by computer programs to automatically execute precise machining actions. The software sends signals to a step motor controller that informs the stepper motor how much and when to move to properly cut away at the raw material.

This innovative combination of technology and machinery allows our manufacturing experts to instantaneously switch from design to production safely. The ease with which this system puts instructions into action eliminates human error and allows us to operate more efficiently with superior precision.

With our CNC Machining capabilities, Kramer Tool & Die can satisfy any client’s need for high quality products.

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